5 conversation starters for when you’re travelling with a stranger

11th October 2017 No Comments

There’s nothing worse than being sat alone with someone for an extended period of time when you’ve never met them before.

And, if you feel like it’s the worst thing ever under such circumstances, don’t feel bad – it’s only natural, and they’re probably feeling the exact same way. The key issue here is the ability to both start and hold conversations that don’t feel forced, awkward or short-lived. Oh, and it’s important not to inadvertently insult your temporary companion, too…travelWhen you don’t know someone at all, doing this is incredibly challenging, which is why we’ve decided to put together what we believe to be the six best conversation starters for strangers. For your convenience, we’ve broken them into categories to make finding the most appropriate one super-easy!

1. Childhood

Everyone likes to look wistfully back to their childhood and recount the stories that made them the person they are today. This is why unearthing childhood memories is a brilliant way to get the conversation going with someone you don’t know.


What’s your first memory as a kid?
What do you miss about being a kid?
What book, film and song remind you of your childhood?

2. Relationship

Now, tread carefully here. Remember, you don’t know the person from Adam, therefore broaching the subject of relationships could result in some pretty awkward conversations.

Get it right, however, and you can really get the chat going:

Would you rather be rich and not find true love or be the richest single person in the world?
Do you believe in soul mates?
What do you think about modern app dating?

3. Sports

Once you get an inkling that the person you’re sitting next to is an avid sports fan (just like you), the world is your oyster.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not into the same sports, either. For instance:

Which sport do you think is the hardest?
Do you play sports?
What’s the most amazing sporting event you’ve attended?

4. Food and drink

Few topics are likely to be quite as good at unearthing common interests with a stranger than food and drink.

Try these for starters (if you’ll excuse the pun):

What’s your favourite food and drink combo?
Would you ever attempt a food challenge and, if so, which one?
What foods would you love to try given the chance?

5. Entertainment

Be it music, TV, radio or film, you’re practically guaranteed to find a common interest when it comes to the subject of popular entertainment.

Name your top five favourite boxsets
Who’s your favourite band?
What’s the scariest film you’ve ever seen?

Wrapping up

All of the conversation starters above are incredibly smart, because they roll off the tongue, don’t feel forced and should result in chats that last the duration of your time together.

Give them a try!