Customer Hirer: This refers to the individual or the business hiring our transport.
The Company: Travel SOS Ltd.


Quotations are given based on the information provided by the hirer. Route to be considered when quoted will be most convenient and suitable for the size of the vehicle.
Where the hirer requires going on specific route, this must be confirmed in the booking.

All quotations are valid for 5 days. Quotations are given for the hire of a vehicle and a driver only.
Any parking fees, toll charges and additional charges will be paid by hirer unless agreed otherwise prior to booking and confirmed.

Booking and Confirmation

A booking is not complete unless a confirmation letter or email has been issued confirming a deposit has been paid by the hirer to secure the vehicle.


A £50 payment is required at time of booking and full payment must be received at least 7 days prior to departure.

The deposit can be made by debit/ credit card, bank transfer or by cheques. The remaining balance must be cleared via bank transfer.


All pickup and departures times are to be adhered to unless cleared with Travel SOS.
15 minutes waiting time will be allowed free of charge. After this waiting time will be charged, regardless of reason, at £20/hr pro rata.

In some cases where a vehicle is booked for another journey, if waiting is longer than 30 minutes the vehicle will not be able to continue with your journey even at extra costs.

Airport Pickups

All airport pickups allow 1 hour waiting time after landing time. Any waiting period more than this time, regardless of reason, will be charged at £20/hr pro rata.

We will always check for flight delays before the driver leaves for the airport but can only rely on the information supplied by the airport websites.

In the event of your flight being delayed we will do our best to amend our service accordingly but we are not obliged to do so.

Service / Comfort Breaks

Any service or comfort break will be restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes. Any stops longer than this, regardless of reason, will be charged at £20/hr pro rate.Use of Vehicle

The hirer would not have use of the vehicle between two journeys unless agreed with Travel SOS and relevant fees have been paid.

Drivers’ Hours

Drivers’ hours and rest periods are regulated by law. It is illegal for Drivers to work outside these hours. We will always plan journey schedules to minimise the risk of delays due to Drivers’ hour’s rules. The Customer must adhere strictly to all collection times contained in the Booking Confirmation and the Customer must not interrupt or delay a journey. If delays occur for whatever reason, Travel SOS may alter the journey schedule for the Vehicle to seek to comply with the law.


Travel SOS will try its best to accommodate any amendments requested by the customer on a confirmed booking. However, on some occasions this will be not possible to do so due to clashes with other bookings. In this instance, the customer would have to commit to the original booking details or cancel the booking. If cancelled the below cancellation charges will apply.

Lost Property

If you lose any item of property whilst travelling with us, please contact us on 0800 0096 505.

We will use our reasonable endeavours to find any item of lost property. Please note that, if found, we cannot keep perishable or other items that could cause offence and we cannot be held liable for any loss if we are unable to locate or return any item of lost property.

For important or valuable items such as purses, handbags or mobile phones, we will try to arrange for contact to be made with the driver of the bus which you were travelling on at the earliest opportunity.

When you contact us, please ensure you have as much information about the route, time, and direction of travel and where you were sitting on the bus. We may ask for verification of identity before we return valuable lost property items.

You may be charged a fee of £5 when the item is returned to you. After a period of one month, items of lost property may be destroyed or donated to local charities. In addition, if you chose to have found property forwarded to you, the cost of postage and packing must be paid to Travel SOS Ltd in advance. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion to open, examine and/or destroy any items of lost property.


Cancellation by Hirer

Any cancellation must be made in writing or email. Please see cancellation charges below:

  • More than 30 days to departure – Loss of deposit
  • 15-29 days to departure – 25% of total cost payable
  • 8- 14 days to departure – 50% of total cost payable
  • 7 days or fewer to departure – Full payment required

Cancellation by Travel SOS

In any event beyond our control where, we can’t provide you with the service purchased. We will only return your exact money paid to us.
We will not accept claims of compensation if your journey has been cancelled for reasons classed beyond our control and these include: Adverse weather conditions, Road conditions, Death or accident causing roads to be closed, Compliance with police orders, riots, strikes, war, system failures including vandalism and terrorism, Insolvency and bankruptcy.

Damage to Vehicle caused by Hirer

Any damage caused by the hirer or member of his / her party will be solely the responsibility of the hirer, and relevant charges will have to be paid in accordance with our terms and conditions.
If vehicle has to be taken off road to repair or clean damage caused by hirer, a daily rate will be payable by hirer.

Criminal damage will be reported to police.

Emergency and Breakdown

Our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to legal standard at all times. But in case of a mechanical breakdown, Travel SOS will do its best to get you to your destination at no extra cost to you but if we are unable to find alternative transport for your journey a full refund will be issued immediately. Travel SOS will not accept any responsibility for the loss of ticket to an event or flight or anything else in case of a breakdown and under no circumstance will we accept claims of compensation and refund Please note always allow plenty of time for your journey.

Customer Service/ Feedback

We are committed to providing you with a top class service to ensure you have a safe, stress and trouble free journey, but if for any reason you are unhappy with the service you’ve received we do apologies and would like to hear from you to investigate where we went wrong, we are always looking to improve our service and would love your feedback. If you have a complaint please write to our head office at 742 Bordesley Green, Birmingham, B9 5PQ or email us [email protected] including your ref, name, travel date and journey details, every customer is valuable to us, we will respond no later than 3 working days and that’s a promise. We take praise as well so feel free to compliment us.

General Terms and Conditions

By placing a booking with Travel SOS, Customers are confirming that they have read, understood and agreed to abide by the above Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you understand them fully prior to placing a booking.
Smoking, alcohol and drug use is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on all of our vehicles and drivers have the right to refuse carriage if found using them on board, no refund will be given. No animals to be carried on all our coaches except guide dogs. Threatening behaviour towards drivers and abuse of coaches and facility will result in termination of journey and police being informed.

  • Most vehicles are fitted with CCTV and in case of a dispute footage will be used as evidence and passed to relevant authority’.
  • Valet charge of £50 will apply if the vehicle is left in an unacceptable state after the hire. This will apply for spillages, excessive waste left behind.
  • We reserve the right to subcontract carriage to our transport partners without notifying the hirer.
  • Vehicles sent will be based on the number of passengers. We reserve the right to use larger vehicles than ordered at no extra cost, but should extra seats be used without notifying Travel SOS we will charge accordingly.