If you’re looking for tips for organising hen party weekends that will live long in the memory, you’ve come to the right place.

Aside from the wedding (and the stag, of course – we can’t forget the stag), the hen do is designed to be one of the most memorable elements of the wedding.

It’s the bride’s chance to let her hair down, celebrate the last few days of freedom and have the best time possible with those closest to her.

Here’s how to organise hen party weekends that work.


  1. Get the number of people (and who they are) right

The best hen party features the best bunch of people, but it’s scarily easily to get this element wrong.

Bad hen parties either have too few or too many people. And the worst hen parties are ruined by people who perhaps shouldn’t have been invited.

Think carefully about numbers and bear in mind that you’ll always get a few drop-outs before the day. You’ll need to consider the way people will get there (remember, we provide minibus hire) and the impact numbers will have on the type and cost of any accommodation needed.


  1. Set the budget (and let everyone know what it is)

You want all key people to attend the hen do, which is why the budget is so important.

If you set it too high because of lavish accommodation and a far-flung destination, it’s likely several key people won’t be able to make it.

Keep the budget realistic, and before you start thinking of more ambitious hen party ideas and themes, consult with the people who you 100% want to attend and agree a figure per person. Don’t deviate from it (unless it gets cheaper)!


  1. Choose a theme

You can have an awful lot of fun with a theme, but one of the best tips for hen party themes is to consider the bride-to-be.

Firstly, you want to have a bit of fun with her, but, secondly, you probably don’t want to make her feel so uncomfortable she ends up feeling anxious or upset.

Fancy dress is a solid choice, but before you pick a theme, take into consideration the location, just in case you end up offending locals with particular outfits (this is particularly important in foreign destinations)!


  1. Find a great location

Hen dos can take place on your doorstep (literally) or somewhere abroad. Just make sure you choose a location that fits within the budget.

Also be careful to choose somewhere that is accessible for everyone attending – particularly if you’re heading overseas.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of bars and restaurants nearby to cut down on taxi costs, but also ensure you plan to travel in groups wherever you go for safety.


  1. Think about food

This is the last but not least important element of how to organise a hen party weekend that won’t end in disaster.

Food will keep everyone’s energy levels up and line the stomach if you plan to have a few (or more) drinks. Make sure you find somewhere in advance to eat that caters for any dietary requirements.

Book tables if you can, and time the meals so they don’t get in the way of the partying but do happen beforehand to ensure everyone’s fed and watered, ready for the night ahead.


That’s it!

Organising a hen party is easier than you might think. Use our tips above, and you’ll be sure to create a weekend that everyone remembers for the rest of their lives.